Viviana Enamorado

Viviana is an 18-year-old Honduran citizen, born in the city of San Pedro Sula. She studied at San Jer├│nimo Bilingual School from kindergarten to ninth grade. She then started her high school studies in Science and Humanities at Cofradia┬┤s Bilingual School and finished at the Marcos Efrain Aguirre Lara Multipurpose Institute. She is currently pursuing a Pedagogy career in the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Viviana has learned a lot from BECA, since BECA was a very important part of her schooling. She is grateful and committed to putting all her effort and dedication in collaborating with BECA. BECA did not only form a large part in her life, but in Honduras in general, since she is not the only one, there have been many beneficiaries. Organizations like these are what our country and our world need. To be able to exchange cultures, to know more about other places, to have access to a better education.

Some of the things Viviana enjoys doing in her free time is listening to music, reading, and playing with her siblings. Viviana as an eldest daughter is very responsible, attentive to the family, and dedicated to caring for and protecting her younger siblings. Viviana really enjoys the company of her loved ones. Viviana is very excited by this new experience, she is excited to be able to share and exchange cultures with the other volunteers who make up BECA. Viviana is very eager to discover this new adventure with BECA!